Tinnitus Awareness Week

One in three people in Australia live with tinnitus and one in six experience it constantly.

The impact of tinnitus can be devastating. In 2017, the International Tinnitus Journal reported that 45% of tinnitus sufferers experience anxiety and 33% have major depression. Yet, despite its ubiquity, tinnitus is poorly understood and frequently underestimated as a cause of suffering and distress.

Tinnitus Awareness Week, takes place from 6 – 12 February 2023, with our Tea for Tinnitus fundraising event on 9 February, aims to raise awareness on the following topics: 

  • What is tinnitus? Characteristics, causes and incidence. 
  • What healthcare professionals can do to support patients experiencing tinnitus
  • The existence of Tinnitus Australia as a key source of support, information, and advocacy

In this page, you will find suggested messaging, links, and resources for you to join us in raising awareness.


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Suggested Messaging for social media posts

  • So what is #tinnitus? Tinnitus is a hearing condition where people hear noises, hisses or hums that have no external source and is often called ‘ringing in the ears’. It can be constant or occasional, loud or soft, mild or severe and can be heard in one or both ears or “in the head”. Want to learn more? Visit www.tinnitusaustralia.org.au
  • Your #tinnitus may be the result of a simple issue, like wax build up in your ears, the effect of medications or exposure to loud noise. Want to learn more? Visit www.tinnitusaustralia.org.au
  • Tinnitus Australia aims to be a source of quality, evidence-based and accessible information on #tinnitus for those living with it, their families and friends as well as the community. Learn more: www.tinnitusaustralia.org.au

Other ways you can advocate

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