The Tinnitus Australia Advisory Committee is a key enabler for the Tinnitus Australia Roadmap. The Advisory Committee meets regularly and provides advice to the Soundfair CEO for referral to the Soundfair Board of Management. You can find out more about the way the Committee operates by reading the Committee Terms of Reference.

Victoria Didenko

Victoria has been actively involved in raising Tinnitus awareness for seven years.

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Myriam Westcott
BSc GradDipAud, member

Myriam Westcott is an Audiologist and Director of DWM Audiology, a private Audiology clinic based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Dr Jason Ridgway
B.A. Dip.Aud, M.Sc, PhD, GAICD, member

Dr Jason Ridgway is an audiologist who is a Senior Allied Health Adviser with the Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

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Susan Tegg-Quinn
B.Nurs .M.Clin. Aud. M.Aud .SA(cc), member

Susan Tegg-Quinn is a a highly-experienced, fully-qualified audiologist and registered nurse.

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Paul Cavicchia

Paul (Panfilo) Cavicchia has been involved with Tinnitus Australia for 3 years working with chair Victoria Didenko.

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John Smith
Soundfair Community Enablement Lead

John has worked to create more inclusive, connected and fair communities for more than 30 years.  He represents Soundfair on the Tinnitus Australia Advisory Committee.

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Soundfair Australia puts people at the centre as we work to create change. Soundfair envisages a FAIR world for people with hearing conditions – a world that is Fulfilling, Accessible, Inclusive and Respectful. We aspire to drive innovation in services and build society-wide awareness and empathy for people that live with hearing conditions. Tinnitus Australia is an initiative of Soundfair, which means that Tinnitus Australia is not a legal entity and its activities are funded and supported by Soundfair.

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