Tinnitus Australia

Tinnitus Awareness Month 2017

June is Tea for Tinnitus month and Tinnitus Australia alliance membersĀ are aligning with the British Tinnitus Association to raise awareness of the often-debilitating auditory condition.

We are encouraging all our members and supporters to hold a 'Tea for Tinnitus' gathering to help raise and continue to maintain awareness of the condition.

Your event can be as simple as having a cup of tea with a group of friends and taking photos of yourselves holding a 'Tea for Tinnitus' sign, through to a hosted event for the wider community to get involved with.

Tag your social media posts with the hashtag #T4Tinnitus for the wider-world to follow.

Check in with the Tinnitus Australia alliance members to see what they are doing.


Tinnitus Awareness Month 2017